Amazon is reportedly in talks with game developers with a view to include some extra functions in the next generation of its popular ebook reader, the Kindle.

Since the iPad's launch we've all been waiting to see how Amazon would respond, with some analysts predicting that the iPad could end up being a Kindle-killer. The general consensus was that Amazon would have to make the Kindle a bit more feature-laden, if it was to survive alongside the vast array of tablets hitting the market.

In January Amazon launched an SDK for developing Kindle apps, and a month after that it acquired the start-up business Touchco, who specialises in developing touchscreens. This is the first strong indication that the Kindle may be looking at games on its device though.

There's also a lot being made of the fact that Lab126, the division of Amazon that deals with the Kindle, has been advertising a number of new jobs lately. The roles in question are said to be concerned with late-stage developments, which suggests the next Kindle launch could be pretty soon.

Obviously, we'll keep you posted.

In other Kindle news, the Kindle app will soon be available for Android users. The app features WhisperSync technology which means the various devices you read your ebooks on will remember what page you were on, even if you were reading via a different device. Although if you owned a Kindle, you'd be a bit silly to read your ebooks on your phone.