It appears that the Android platform might also be getting a Kindle book reader app, if leaked promotional documents for Dell's Mini 5 are accurate. The promotional material describes a number of features for the handset, including "Kindle book reader applications", as well as "Amazon video streams" and the already-existing Amazon MP3 store.

There are few details other than that. The video streams functionality can be found on some mobile devices, but this would be its first outing on Android. It'd also be the first outing on Android for Kindle -  there's already a Kindle iPhone app, and a BlackBerry one too. But with late 2009 and early 2010's dramatic growth in the Android platform, it's easy to see why creating an Android app would be high on the company's priority list.

Elsewhere, the document just revealed that the Dell Mini 5 would come in a selection of colours - there's no new specs or hardware details, we're afraid. No pricing or availability information either. When we get those numbers, we'll let you know.