Amazon, somewhat shy about hard and fast Kindle stats, has revealed that the Kindle is Amazon's number one export to the UK.  

The Kindle continues to be the most gifted, most wished for and the number one bestselling product across the millions of items available on Amazon, says the etailer.

"From London to Lyon and Toronto to Tokyo, we are thrilled with the response to Kindle and Kindle books from customers around the world", said Ian Freed, VP, Amazon Kindle.  

"We've worked hard to provide our UK customers with over 300,000 of the books that people want to read. With so many titles available for download in less than 60 seconds, readers in the UK and over 130 other countries and territories around the world are voraciously buying Kindle books".

Amazon says anyone hoping to stick a Kindle in a stocking this Christmas needs to order by December 17.