Trek has unveiled the latest incarnation of its Madone road racing bike at an event in Milwaukee's famed Calatrava-designed Art Museum.

Trek President John Burke introduced special guest, cycling legend Lance Armstrong, who partnered with Trek on the redesign of the Madone.

"We felt the Milwaukee Art Museum, considered to be a pinnacle of architectural design, was the ideal venue to showcase Madone's superb design", said Burke. "And who better to help us introduce the all-new Madone than Lance, the man who rode Trek to seven consecutive Tour de France victories."

The new Madone represents the largest design project Trek has undertaken on any bike, at any time. Charged with elevating the Madone from elite racing cycle to the consummate performance experience, an army of engineers, designers, physicists, carbon engineers, bike shop owners, project managers and riders spent the past 2 years transforming the Madone into the world's finest performance bike.

The Madone underwent hours of finite element analysis, exhaustive real-world ride testing and 30 different lay-up schedules as engineers fine-tuned every detail. The result, claim Trek, is an exquisitely balanced bicycle that doesn't compromise ride quality for weight savings, and delivers an unparalled riding experience.

Armstrong, a life-long holdout of sloping top tube bikes went so far as to say, "These guys finally got me to ride a sloping top tube".

The Madone will be available at independent bike retailers beginning June 4, 2007 with prices ranging from $2749 to $7499 in the US.

You can explore the bike in more detail on Trek's website, link below.