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(Pocket-lint) - Adidas have launched the adidas_1 DLX Runner – the next generation of intelligent footwear. The shoe with a computer for a brain understands your individual needs; coming to life when you put it on and adapting itself instantly to create a different shoe for every runner.

The adidas_1 DLX Runner has a built-in motor, sensor and microprocessor which act like the shoe’s brain; sensing, understanding and adapting to the runner’s needs. Faster than a helicopter’s rotor blades, the shoe’s brain constantly adjusts itself as the runner moves ensuring that the cushioning level of the shoe remains at an optimum level as needed, regardless of the runner’s size, weight, pace, movement or the surface.

The intelligent system behind the adidas_1 has been modified even further in the new adidas_1 DLX Runner. The shoe now features a lighter motor mechanism, making the overall shoe lighter and more durable. It also caters for the specific needs of the individual more effectively; recognising your running style, remembering your personal requirements and customising the level of cushioning every time.

With the introduction of the new adidas_1 DLX Runner, adidas is extending its lead in the field of intelligent sporting goods. The adidas Innovation Team continues to use cutting edge equipment to develop technologies that will reinvent the industry and how sport is played.

The Technical Stuff:

The adidas_1 DLX Runner shoebox contains the following components:

• A Pair of adidas_1 Runner shoes
• 2 x 3V lithium coin batteries
• User Guide
• Electronic User Guide (CD)
• adidas_1 DLX Runner Demo Key

The adidas_1 DLX Runner is battery powered and the battery sits neatly in the sock liners of the shoes.

The user must switch on the adidas_1 DLX Runner before each use. If the runner chooses not to or forgets to turn on the adidas_1 DLX Runner, the shoe will simply operate like a normal running shoe without the change in cushioning.

You can program the adidas_1 DLX Runner cushioning system manually by adjusting the + and – buttons on the side of the shoe. Once the adidas_1 DLX Runner is adjusted to the runner’s personal preference, it will remember the instructions and constantly seek to give the optimum level of cushioning according to the level of activity and environment.

The adidas_1 DLX Runner is £145 and is available in white and black leather versions. The adidas_1 DLX Runner is available exclusively at JD Sports.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 7 March 2007.