Football fans wanting to re-enact that Beckham free kick on Saturday or other swerving long-range shots as seen in the first couple of games of the World Cup in Germany will be pleased to hear that Adidas has made the official Match Ball of the 2006 FIFA World Cup available to buy on its website.

Costing a rather hefty £75, the Adidas "Teamgeist" football or OMB match ball to give it its UK name has just 14 panels - with fewer seams - making its surface "smoother" than conventional footballs which have a 26 or 32 panel hexagon-based pattern.

The technnology reads more like a mobile phone than a fussball and highlights include: thermal-bonded seamless surface that promises to give a more predictable flight and better touch, as well as unique pre-curved panels that promises to create a perfectly round ball for greater accuracy.

Those shiny graphics are even printed beneath a durable transparent film so they won't wear off over time.

Those not keen on splashing out £75 to have a kick about in the park will be pleased to know that Adidas offers a miniball for £6 however this doesn’t have the same fewer stitches.