Adidas is launching a new WC predator in the next few weeks as World Cup fever builds momentum.

Worn by Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard and Gary Neville among others, the new boots will cost £120.

The +Predator Absolute features new PowerPulse technology, which supposedly shifts the centre of gravity closer to the point of impact. Developed in co-operation with the University of Calgary the innersole delivers the sort of sweet spot science more usually found in golf clubs.

Scientists found that shooting with these boots increased ball speed by 2 percent compared to the most recent Predator, or by 5 percent compared to a standard football boot.

The boot comes with two insoles, one with a specially positioned 40g weight and one without.

The weight, which has been moved from other parts of the boot, sits behind the foot at the point of impact creating maximum power transfer.

The interchangeable insoles allow players to customise to their needs, providing the most powerful Predator ever, or the lightest.