A collaboration between Goose, an apparel design consultancy working with clients such as Levi's, Lee, Puma and Canterbury, and PDD (product design consultancy) has resulted in a concept for a new sports jacket that is a unique combination of utility and fashion.

The ILLUM jacket is based on truly cutting edge technology including electroluminescent ink and photovoltaic technology.

So no more snapping a flashing light onto the back of your bike or wearing fluorescent vests while you run. To create the jacket PDD and Goose researched new and emerging technologies. "Although we were flexible about what we were going to end up with we didn't want the kind of wearable technology that consists of devices that have blatantly been bolted on or sewn in to existing clothing", explained Goose director Jenni Arksey.

The ILLUM jacket, which consists of a self-charging, powered external "shell" made up of individual fabric panels with properties selected to minimise weight and ensure the wearer remains cool, dry and visible. Illumination comes in the form of a series of electroluminescent surface graphics that fit logically around the anatomy.

ILLUM is activated by a soft-switch set into the cuff and powered by an integrated thin film battery that activates the lighting via a transparent, printable conductive layer. A further printable polymer forms a photovoltaic solar cell used to recharge the battery and ensure the jacket is self-sufficient.