The adidas "+Teamgeist Berlin", the match ball especially produced for the final game in Berlin on July 9th, has been officially unveiled by the President of the World Cup Organizing Committee, Franz Beckenbauer, at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The golden adidas +Teamgeist Berlin will only be used in one game, the single most important game in global football - the FIFA World Cup final.

"The FIFA World Cup final is the most important match in the history of sport. There really is no greater thing than to play in a World Cup final. That is why I think it is a fantastic idea to have a very special ball especially for this match", said Franz Beckenbauer President of the FIFA World Cup Organizing Committee.

"Sure, the ball will still be round, no change there. But it will be a very special game and it is going to be played with a golden match ball that was especially designed for it. I think that's absolutely fantastic!"

The special match ball design is similar to the adidas +Teamgeist but executed in gold, like the trophy, with black and white details. Its name, "+Teamgeist Berlin", translated to "team spirit", which adidas reminds us the decisive characteristic a team needs to have in order to lift the trophy, but also incorporating the German capital where the final will be played.

The adidas Golden Ball is already a well-known element in the world of football, because it is also the official FIFA trophy awarded to the best player of the tournament.

In addition, for the first time ever, each of the match balls for the World Cup will be personalized with the name of the stadium, the teams, the match date and the kick-off time of each individual game. adidas will supply FIFA with 15 personalized match balls for each match.

Earlier this year, each of the 32 qualified federations received a shipment of 20 match balls for training purposes. All teams will receive a second shipment with 20 balls when they start their final preparation.