The people at Rainlegs think they have the answer to your problems in the wet with a new and innovative form of rain gear.

Rainlegs protect the upper legs against rain, wind and the cold. They have been manufactured from wind- and water-resistant parachute material and weigh in at only 140g. The leg protectors are open on the back of the legs having the added advantage that no condensation will form as with normal over-trousers.

The company suggest that this will be perfect for commuters who wouldn't be able to get their shoes through normal trousers. If you are a short commuter wearing a suit or other trousers, this might be just the ticket to get through that quick shower before arriving at work. They also recommend use in horse riding and rowing.

Rainlegs could be convenient for hikers and walkers in combination with a waterproof jacket especially if you are already wearing gaiters.

Rainlegs can be worn rolled up around the waist, then unveiled as the heavens open, so they are quick and easy to deploy and secured with a simple Velcro tab.

Rainlegs can be purchased for £24.95 from the website at