Adventure Journey is an online travel magazine like none you've read before. Leave luxury Caribbean cruises and five-star Parisian hotels to the rest — you won't find those cookie-cutter trips here. Instead, you'll discover incredible adventure woven into well-written articles and set in the world's most remarkable places ... followed by detailed instructions on how you can experience the journey for yourself!

If you've ever considered an around-the-world trip without air travel, chimpanzee tracking in the jungles of Uganda, live volcano climbing in Peru, extreme biking in Utah's Canyonlands, or scuba diving Himalayas-style at 14,000 feet, then you've found the guide that can make it happen. If you are interested in the world, its myriad cultures, its thrilling history, its dynamic natural forces, its unbelievable diversity, you will find a source of intense interest in our magazine. Indeed, this Extreme Vacationer's Handbook is the key to that elusive adventure you've been waiting for — and not just once in a lifetime, but again and again.

Adventure Journey is also the only non-trade magazine devoted specifically to covering the activities, tours, and special offers of adventure travel companies worldwide — including an annual “Top 100 Adventure Travel Companies” special issue. But it doesn't end there — Adventure Journey offers its own adventure tours to locations as diverse as India, Ethiopia, China, Borneo, and South Africa.

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