Adidas has launched a fully customisable football boot in the run up to the World Cup. The TUNiT boot (pronounced Tune-it) is made up of component parts and allows will allow players to change their boots to suit their game, the pitch and the seasons.

Adidas is promising the new boot will have 52 different variations. Made up of three interchangeable components: the upper, the chassis and the studs footballers will be able to mix and match the components you can make the TUNiT any boot you want it to be: a warm boot, a cool boot, a lightweight boot, a cushioned boot or a soft, hard or firm ground boot.

In addition you can change the colours to initially black, blue, white or green. Red and yellow will also be offered later in the season.

Launched in March the TUNiT will be available in two packs, the Start Pack and the Premium Pack:

The Start Pack includes: one pair of synthetic uppers, one pair of comfort chassis and three sets of studs (firm, hard and soft ground). The Start pack gives you three ways to assemble your shoe depending on the pitch conditions. RRP £120.

The Premium Pack includes: three different pairs of uppers (two synthetic and one ClimaCool), twi pairs of chassis (comfort and lightweight) and three sets of studs (firm, hard and soft ground). This offers 18 different configuration options. The Premium Pack retails at RRP £270 and is only available at selected retail outlets.

The upper is the main body of the shoe and will initially be available in two types - adihex or ClimaCool. The more you play in adihex, the more it softens. The ClimaCool version is made from adihex/mesh with ventilation cut-outs offering a 360 degree cooling effect.

The chassis is a triple density TPU sockliner. The chassis holds the receptacles for the studs and stabilises the upper. The chassis will be available in comfort, lightweight or orthotic versions - enabling you to customise the boot to match the playing conditions as well as your individual style.

Three sets of studs will also be available - hard ground, firm ground or soft ground. The studs can also be mixed to suit your style of play.

The adidas group of F50 players will be wearing TUNiT from February 2006. This includes, Jermain Defoe, Damien Duff, Arjen Robben, Djibril Cisse, Shaun Wright-Phillips and Ashley Cole.