A phrase you might not thought that you would ever hear, but Adidas has announced that it is updating the firmware for its intelligent running shoe The Adidas 1.

Called the Adidas 1, intelligence level 1.1, the shoe uses a sensor, a microprocessor and a motorized cable system to automatically adjust the shoes' cushioning. The sensor under the heel measures compression and decides whether the shoe is too soft or firm. That information is sent to the microprocessor and, while the shoe is in the air, the cable adjusts the heel cushion.

The new update makes the shoe better, stronger and faster.

According to Adidas: “It's better because there is an increased range of cushioning, meaning the shoe can become even softer or firmer. It's stronger because there is a new motor with 153% more torque. And it's faster because the shoe has been reprogrammed based on extensive research, to find the right level of cushioning even more quickly.

The new Adidas 1, intelligence level 1.1, will also be available in a range of colours, and the price remains at $250 and £170.

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