(Pocket-lint) - A couple years ago Pocket-lint got to check out Adidas' prototype football boot, its Adizero 99g which weighed, you guessed it, 99 grams. Now the company is ready to release a pair as part of its "Limited Edition" footwear range.

They will only be available in "super-limited" quantities from 15 April, with just 299 pairs being made for sale around the world for 299 euros each. And you'll have to be a specific foot size to wear them - the Adidas Adizero 99g boots will only come in UK size 8.5.

Regardless of the unbelievably light weight for each boot, they are extremely strong and include a 1mm polyamide outsole with professional quality rigidity. The upper layer is made from a woven polyester mesh, which will never take on water so keeps its weight in all weather conditions. And there is a unique stud layout to ensure "fastest possible movements in all directions".

The boots have already been tested by superstars including Karim Benzema and David Alaba, and while there's every chance you'll miss out on a pair (or have feet too big or small for them) the technology will no doubt be utilised for future boots from Adidas.

We'd like to see other boots with similar weights in future, after all at 99g a boot they are lighter than many of the new gadgets we've seen recently.

So for context, here are five we know of that are heavier than an Adizero 99g boot.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 edge


If you've gone into a shop and held a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, the company's latest flagship phone, you'll know how light and manageable it feels.

However, at 138g, the new smartphone is almost 40 per cent heavier than the Adidas boot.

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2. iPhone 6


Although it is superthin - easily the thinnest Apple device yet, the iPhone 6 is 129g and therefore 30g heavier than the Adizero 99g boot.

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3. iPad mini 3


Everybody seems shocked at how light Apple made its iPad mini 3 tablet, especially the non-4G model, but at 331g it is more than three times heavier than the Adidas football boot. That's quite astonishing when you hold one and think of the difference.

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4. Amazon Kindle Voyage


Amazon prides itself in the fact that the Kindle Voyage is one of the lightest eBook readers ever released, making it extremely comfortable to hold for long periods. However, at 180g for the Wi-Fi-only model it is almost twice as heavy as one of the boots.

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5. Apple Watch


Yep, even though it will be worn day-in day-out on a wrist, a 42mm version of the Apple Watch weighs more than the Adidas Adizero 99g footy boot. Even when just coupled with a sports band, the Watch weighs 101g. And that rises for the stainless steel link band.

Choose that option and even the 38mm version weighs more. Incredible.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.