(Pocket-lint) - German shoemaker Adidas believes its latest pair of trainers will send you over the moon.

The company is preparing to launch two pairs of trainers this summer that'll probably look quite familiar to you. That's because they're meant to look like NASA's iconic spacesuit. In a statement published by Collectspace.com, Adidas specifically claimed the new designs were inspired by "vintage astronaut suits and backpacks".

The new shoes are called Response Trail Robot and Ozweego Robot. Adidas took cues from Mercury astronauts' silver spacesuits and their closures, zippers, straps, molded and machines details, and even the shiny-versus-matte distressed materials in order to come up with two designs that "complete the look of outerspace".

You'll notice both pairs of sneakers not only have silver tones and stitching reminiscent of the spacesuits but also red and blue lace eyelets to mimic the look of umbilical inlets on the front of the Apollo moon suits. The Ozweego Robot sneakers appear more white however and feature laces that cross over the front rather through an eyelit.

Raf Simons, who also serves as the creative director at Christian Dior since 2012, designed the two sneakers as part of an on-going collaboration with Adidas. They will debut in the Raf Simons x by adidas Originals autumn/winter 2015-16 collection, though you'll be able to purchase them at select Adidas retailers by July.

Expect pricing to range from $455 to $730 per pair.

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Writing by Elyse Betters.