Adidas has unveiled the second generation of its Boost trainer with an upgraded model called the Adidas Ultra Boost.

Adidas says this isn't only the best shoe it has ever made but is "the best show ever". The technology in the Boost range is focused in the sole where countless hours of testing was done using the Aramis system that NASA, Boeing and Audi use. The result is 20 per cent more cushioning than the last Boost with superior support.

Boost offers energy return by effectively bouncing the wearer back out of their step landing. On top of more cushioning material Adidas has also eliminated the Eva midsole for more direct contact with the ground, resulting in better feedback to the wearer. Thanks to individual capsules in the soles the shoes should be able to offer the same high performance for hundred of kilometres says Adidas.

The top of the shoe uses Adidas Primeknit which should result in a fitted, comfortable shoe. While there's comfort for the less expansive areas of the foot there should still be support where it's needed.

The Adidas Ultra Boost heel has been redesigned to free the natural movement of the Achilles tendon while cradling the foot.

The Adidas Ultra Boost trainers will be available from 11 February for £130.

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