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(Pocket-lint) - Adidas recently brought out Nocturnal II, its latest range of Adidas Glitch boots that enable you to change the outer skin on the boot to alter the appearance.

You can download the Glitch app from Google Play or the App Store to buy skins and even design your own boot. We caught up with boot graphics designer Jay Nagra to see what inspired the latest glitch designs for the World Cup. 

What inspired the original idea for Glitch?

Glitch is a ground-breaking boot for us. We’ve brought together the best of our functional innovation and creative execution. It really gave us an opportunity to not only connect more with [customers] but mix in the new ways they wanted to express themselves through sport.

What were the key requirements of the Nocturnal II from your point of view?

The Concept of the Nocturnal pack was born from the connection of the player to their environment. We talked about this topic in various co-creation sessions and looked at visual signifiers that may go unnoticed to some but are key building blocks for the urban environments where football is played, particularly in cities.

Is it refreshing to be able to change the look of a boot? 

Yes! The Glitch boot has the unique ability due to the clean, uninterrupted design of the upper to really let us explore and experiment with design and materialization. We simply wouldn't be able to execute this on any other boot, it is really a unique product!

How did you come up with the colours for these latest designs? Did they have to be certain colours? 

We really wanted to capture the mood and colours of the night environment. From the bright neon’s contrasted against dark bases,  rippling light streams to the shimmer of colours reflecting off surfaces.

How did you become a graphic designer? 

I have a natural passion for creating. I had always been doodling in books at school and in lessons, so I put my energies after school into studying graphic design. I took on a lot of freelance design jobs after university trying to see what aspect of graphic design I wanted to go into, but was drawn to designing on products. Seeing the impact it had on people really fuelled me to continue a career in this field.

What's your favourite boot ever? 

This is a tough one. I think the Predator Touch will always hold a special place in my memory as I can remember my cousins having that boot and being very jealous of them.

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Writing by Dan Grabham.