Adidas has released images of the previously teased Springblade trainer. The shoe features a set of 16 blades on the sole, all at different lengths, designed to propel you forward and speed up your running.

They are quite unlike any set of trainers we have seen before and further bolster Adidas's unusual running shoe line up, alongside the Boost. Pocket-lint had previously seen the sole of the shoes at a recent Adidas event, but until now pictures of the complete trainer had not been unveiled.

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Priced at around £115, the shoes' polymer blades on the bottom are individually tuned to give you support during each phase of a stride. This means you get the full gamut of spring from the shoe no matter how you run.

adidas springblade unveiled run like a gazelle on 1 august image 2

The trainers are set to launch on 1 August and could entirely change the way we think about running. Adidas had previously told us that the trainers were based on the way a gazelle runs. Not quite sure we can manage running like a gazelle, but with the help of the Springblades, we can certainly try.