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(Pocket-lint) - Football boots are about to get a whole lot lighter. Adidas has unveiled a prototype adiZero F50 99g boot which - as the name suggests - weighs in at a mere 99 grams, almost 50 per cent lighter than the current top-spec F50 adiZero Prime. Cripes.

Pocket-lint had a look at the latest ultra-light boots, which were on show at a pop-up one-day Adidas Lab event in central London alongside other innovations such as the miCoach Smart Ball.

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The weight of the 99g boots is quite incredible, all things considered. Think of it this way: each one weighs roughly the same as two packs of Walkers crisps (the Grab Bag size, which we're sure top-end players aren't likely to be eating). That ought to bring a new meaning to walking on air.

We chatted to Adidas representatives to inquire about the 99g boot's construction and whether such a lightweight build would come at the expense of safety. The designer reiterated what was available from the Adidas press release - that the 1mm polyamide outsole is lightweight but rigid, while the upper layer is built of a textile composite. But we did extract a little extra information - that same upper layer is said to include an interior mesh frame for further rigidity, but the designer would not be more specific about what this is made from.

To the base of the boots there's a port for miCoach Speed Cell which is compatible with the hi-tech coaching system. Just like its other F50 counterparts, the 99g adiZero boot can plug into the training system which delivers information about the player's speed and position on the pitch and delivers it to the coach via an iPad app.

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Expected to arrive in 2015 after more thorough testing, we don't yet know how much the adiZero 99g boots will cost - but we do anticipate they'll demand an asking price that's far heftier than their light weight.

Writing by Mike Lowe.