Adidas has announced it will be launching a second new running shoe in August, in addition to it's new Adidas Boost technology. It too will feature a new design, SpringBlade.

Apart from one element looking like the prosthetic blades worn by amputee athletes during the Paralympics, there's little other information on the SpringBlade shoes. The company has said few extra words, save for teasing the shoe in a video at the launch of the new Adidas Boost range.

"It's based on how a gazelle runs," a spokesman for the company told Pocket-lint in conversation at the Boost event in New York. Adidas has confirmed to us that the shoe is designed for running and training. 

Judging from the teaser, the SpringBlade should give you considerable launching capabilities, although Adidas is keeping quiet about when or how you should use it. Still, judging by the video we saw, the design is certainly likely to turn heads.