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(Pocket-lint) - Adidas has announced a new running shoe that promises to deliver more energy, allowing you to go further and faster.

In a move that is seen by some as the most revolutionary evolution in running technology since Nike introduced Nike Air 20-odd years ago, the focus of the new shoe will be a proprietary technology that delivers more energy. Or, as Adidas says, more boost.

Called Adidas Boost, the new range of shoes will be made of a new material that delivers greater energy response, made up of dozens of mini capsules.

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The first shoe, the Adidas Boost, will be aimed at regular runners and a company spokeswoman told Pocket-lint it was "perfect for the average 10k runner". More elite versions of the shoe area also planned. 

It will be available this month.

"Up until today, all foam has been inefficient. With Boost we've cracked the code," said the company at the launch event in New York. Adidas claims that no other shoe on the market will give you as much energy back in the same way, regardless of the temperature.

The technology works by absorbing the energy and then pushing back to return it, helping to propel you forward. It will be especially good for 500km. 

The company hopes to include the technology in all its running shoes with two new shoes launching before the year end. By 2015, it hopes to have the material in all its shoes, not just running - that includes the company's street range as well. 

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Adidas has also announced that it will be launching a second shoe in August with a new design called SpringBlade.

Looking like the prosthetic blades worn by amputees, the SpringBlade should give you considerably greater launching capabilities, judging from the design. 

We will be heading out for a run in the new Boost shoes in the next couple of hours so stay tuned. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.