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(Pocket-lint) - Once upon a time, half-time analysis would consist of some squiggles on a blackboard, a lot of shouting and a segment of orange. Now it’s all distance covered, zonal marking and power drinks. And it’s set to get worse (or better, depending how you look at it).

Adidas has been working on a technology that provides detailed analysis of a entire football team’s performance. The Adizero f50 football boot (which we went "hands-on" with last year) previously monitored an individual’s performance by utilising a micro-chip fitted into the boot. The expanded miCoach professional soccer team tracking system will make its debut on 25 July  at the MLS All-Star game in Philadelphia before gradually being rolled out across the globe.

Too late to aid England in their quest for glory at this summer’s Euro 2012 tournament then, but could this really be the future of the beautiful game? 

The tracking system will provide coaches with specific details - for individuals as well as the team overall - such as power output, speed, distance covered, intensity of play, acceleration and GPS heat mapping.

Of course, the potential of a tracking system of this magnitude goes way beyond football, though having been developed alongside various MLS and European clubs, as well as some national teams, Adidas has chosen it to be the guinea pig for this potentially revolutionary technology.

There’s no official word on what platform Adidas’s miCoach professional soccer team tracking system will work, but in the promotional video there’s a device that looks suspiciously like an iPad. We expect it to arrive on PC too.

Do you think this is the future of football? Let us know what you think...

Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.