Adidas has been showing off a demo of its Adiverse Virtual Footwear Wall over in Germany at CeBIT, a technology it wants to see go mainstream in stores next year.

The touchscreen wall, which will hopefully see the end of teenage weekend workers sulking when you ask them about the trainers in store, lets you browse through the Adidas footwear catalogue with a 3D rendering that you can zoom in on and rotate to get a better look.

When you find a pair you like a sales assistant, complete with compatible tablet, can check the stock levels and order your new sneakers, and you can even make an instant digital payment without queuing at the check-out.

Chris Aubrey, VP Global Retail Marketing at Adidas, said: "Adidas produces a huge range of exciting footwear products but until now limited retail space has also restricted peoples’ in-store choices. 

"The Adiverse was designed to address the need for improved consumer choice while minimising the business risk of buying specialist products or a wide range of sizes."

The Intel AIM suite machine, which is powered by second-generation i7 core processors, can even detect if a shopper is male or female and makes recommendations.

It's pretty cool and the only thing we'd like to see added is an augmented reality aspect, where we could virtually try the trainers on without having to expose our smelly feet in the store.

It would save us time, and a fortune in emergency foot deodorant.