Adidas has announced the boot that the world's best player, Lionel Messi, will be wearing when he aims for World Cup glory in South Africa next month - the F50 adiZeros.

The F50s are the lightest boots ever made, weighing in at a mere 164g for a size-8 boot. They are made of a German-invented polymer (these are Adidas boots after all) called polyurethane.

Because they're single layered, there's no need for extra padding which means faster turns for the players sporting these boots, although it could also mean more broken metatarsals. We know that we would like some extra padding if some big lump of a centre-half was to stand on our foot.

The boots will be worn, not only by Messi, but by a whole host of footballing superstars including David Villa, Jermain Defoe and, er, Johan Vonlanthen.

Check out the film-noir-stylee advert that Adidas has commissioned to promote the F50s. Very stylish indeed.

The F50 adiZeros are showing up on the US Adidas store at $200, but no sign of them on the UK store as yet.