Amazon’s Kindle has certainly raised the bar for ebook readers of late, and it looks like Acer is ready to take on the retail giant with its LumiRead L600 reader. Indeed, the design is very similar, although Acer has added a couple of extra features that the Kindle lacks. 

We've previously brought you news of the device, but we've now managed to get our hands on one.

The LumiRead L600 has a 6-inch 800 x 600 display and features 2GB of built-in storage memory. It has a 532MHz processor and 128MB of memory. It also has a 37 key keyboard and a small joystick for navigation. This is more or less identical to what’s on offer from the Kindle and Acer will also offer models with 3G connectivity. 

However, where Acer improves on the Kindle is support for Wi-Fi and the ability to expand the memory via a microSD card slot. The Taiwanese company has also added a barcode scanner which will, presumably, be used for identifying books which you can then later download to the LumiRead L600. 

At 285g with 3G support, the LumiRead L600 is about the same weight as the Kindle as well. It measures 118 x 210 x 10mm (W x H x D), which makes it slightly smaller, albeit 1mm thicker than the Kindle.

There's currently no word on pricing or availability, but the LumiRead L600 we've seen looked like a finished product, so we’d expect it to launch shortly.