Barnes and Noble has let slip details of its much rumoured ebook launch on its own website hours before an official announcement.

In what seems like a slip up, the book seller has detailed the features of the new product including images, and price ($259).

Called the Nook, the ebook will sport two screens, one full-colour 3.5-inch touchscreen for navigating and one E Ink display for reading.

"Just use your finger to swipe through titles and tap open your next read", says the blurb on the site.

It will also come with a Wi-Fi and 3G connection via AT&T's wireless network (the same as the Amazon Kindle) and sport 2GB of memory as well as a micro SD card slot for expanding it further.

Tech specs include dimensions of 7.7 x 4.9 x 0.5-inches with a weight of 317 grams. It will feature a rechargeable replaceable battery and come with a micro USB socket. The screen will be Android powered.

In an attempt to appeal to sharers, you'll also be able to share books for 14 days with other devices like ebook readers, the iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry and Mac and PC users via the eReader software. When books are lent out, users won't be able to access the books.

Users will also be able to "sideload" PDF documents unlike the Kindle and offer support for ePUB documents.

Barnes & Noble has said that it is looking at an international roll out, however failed to mention a time frame when Pocket-lint asked.

The company has also confirmed that it is working on a Windows Mobile app as well as hinting at an Android app in the future.