Barnes & Noble is expected to launch a new ebook, called the Nook, today in New York according to sources who've seen a yet unannounced advert.

According to both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the device will feature a colour touchscreen display and a separate e-ink powered screen for reading.

"It will cost $259, matching most recent price cut for its latest edition of the Kindle," cites the NYT article.

The NYT is claiming the information has been garnered from an advert Barnes & Noble have placed in the Oct. 25 issue of The New York Times Book Review and comes after pictures of the device supposedly appeared last week.

It's been a busy week for ebook launches with Monday seeing an announcement from Plastic Logic for a new ebook that will be shown off at CES 2010, and a from fairly unkown company Spring Design who's Alex concept, which will supposedly be coming to market later this year, also features two screens. 

Rumours first surfaces earlier last week, while other sources are suggesting a 22 October, the same day as Windows 7, launch date, making it perfect Christmas stocking fodder in time for the holidays.

Earlier in the year, Barnes & Noble announced the launch of an ebook store that offers over 500,000 ebooks as well as free Wi-Fi in its stores, presumably to encourage the use of the new devices.

Pocket-lint will be at the Barnes & Noble event on Tuesday 20 October bringing you all the news as it happens.