Firebox has put together an interesting little product for wannabe DJs. The Urban DJ Mixer is a gold-painted cassette-shaped gadget that will let you crossfade between a pair of audio inputs.

And that's all. It won't let you change the pitch of those inputs - which could be a mobile phone, laptop, CD player, stereo, or iPod - or trigger them - you'll have to do that on the device itself. It does have a headphone monitor socket, though, to let you cue tracks up without hearing them in the master-out.

It's powered by two AAA batteries, and doesn't appear to come with 3.5mm jack cables, so you'll probably have to buy some of them too - at least three. Once you're there, though, this could be useful for houseparties where no-one brought any decks and a mix CD or collaborative Spotify playlist just won't cut it.