Gocycle has shown off a 12.9kg version of its electric bike at the London Cycle Show.

Dubbed the BlackR, it shares most of its construction with the regular Gocycle launched earlier in the year, but with a careful selection of components, Karbon Kinetics have got the weight down from 16.2 to 12.9kg.

The BlackR features the same Cleandrive three-speed drive system, and the same injection-moulded magnesium frameset with the funky Pitstop Wheels (which detach simply by flicking open the levers) as the regular Gocycle.

The changes have been made by adding a lighter saddle, pedal crank assembly, handlebar stem and lithium battery.

It folds away into the same soft or hard packing case to make it easily portable, but isn't designed to complete with the likes of Brompton's folding bikes.

A spokesperson told us that it was still a concept model and as such doesn't have a street price, but it was highly likely that it would be coming to market. With the regular version costing £1198, it won't be cheap.

The London Cycle Show is running at the Earls Court, London from 9-11 October.