Let's face it, there's not a lot that's funnier in this life than a well-timed fart. If you can't always perform on cue then Firebox has your back(side) covered with its new Sound Machine.

In fact, as well as parps, the hilarious handheld gadget offers a variety of pithy phrases and comedic audio snippets, including the similarly gas-based burp as well as applause, perhaps to celebrate a well-delivered emission.

The full roll-call of sound effects is as follows: clap, audience laughter, unlucky, loser, bomb (nb. not funny in some parts of the world), gun shot (see previous nb), smashed glass, cash register, drum roll, punchline theme, spring, bright idea, wolf whistle, scream, fart and burp.

Infantile it maybe, but if you're not below using a little orange box to get laughs, then you should know it's on sale now from Firebox for £9.99.