The iRiver B30 is now on sale in the UK through Digital Audio Distribution, the exclusive distributor of iRiver goodies on our fair isle.

The B30 offers DAB radio on the go plus all the features of a portable media player.

Boasting "crystal clear digital audio" the device offers SRS WOW sound enhancement and SRS Circle Surround Headphone with the boasts of 5.1 sound with standard headphones.

On the DAB side, the B30 offers an RPG, the ability to record programmes and support for DAB+ for a tidy bit of future-proofing.

The B30 gets a G-Sensor that auto-adjusts to watch videos in landscape mode and the ability to shake the player to change tracks.

With the claim of a user-friendly interface, the B30 has a touch-sensitive control surface with haptic feedback.

Battery life claims come in at 40 hours for music and 6 hours for video. Storage-wise the B30 is available in 8GB and 16GB models that are expandable via microSD card.

The iRiver B30 is available from £139 from