Vuzix has announced the European release of its "Wrap" sunglasses-style video eyewear. As previously reported on Pocket-lint, the US is getting the Wrap 310, but over here we're getting the Wrap 230, Wrap 280 Widescreen and Wrap 920.

Vuzix claims that they're the " most advanced wearable display technology available today". The have virtual screen sizes of 46-inches to 67-inch and also come 3d-capable as standard. They connect to camcorders, portable DVD players, mobile phones, PCs, game consoles and iPods.

All three products will be available from October on Vuzix's website, and they'll cost from £130 to £250. We're trying to get a little more specific information about the specs of the individual products and individual pricing, and we'll update this post when that arrives.

UPDATE: The new range is now available as of 04/11/09. The Wrap 230 is £129.99, the Wrap 280 Widescreen is £179.99 and the Wrap 920 is £249.99.