American consumers are about to get a new ebook reader thrown into the mix, with the news that iRex Technologies is to launch a new model into the US market.

Competing with the Amazon Kindle, as well as Sony's Reader range, the iRex DR800SG offers 3G connectivity, an 8.1-inch touchscreen display and ePub file format support with content from Barnes & Noble.

The $399 device's wireless connectivity will be provided by Verizon, while sales will be through Best Buy, a chain that's previously only sold ebook readers online, or in limited test stores.

"The e-reader has high awareness, but most people have still not seen or touched or played with them", Chris Homeister, senior vice president for entertainment at Best Buy told the New York Times. "We feel that this is a technology that is beginning to emerge and that we can bring a unique experience to the marketplace".

Meanwhile, iRex says it is "on track" to offer a model with a colour screen by 2011.