Described as the world's first button-less, gesture-based remote control, Firebox is soon to offer "The Wand" infrared remote control.

The antithesis of suped-up universal remotes, as you will see from the image, The Wand looks just it sounds.

Controls are limited, The Wand can learn 13 commands, such as change channel or volume control, which can be carried out with a swish, whirl or flick.

Users can assign various functions to various moves - flicks to turn on and off, spins to control volume, big swishes to mute and so on.

Compatible with TVs and other home cinema equipment, as well as some iPod docks, stereos and the like, The Wand can control multiple devices at one time - it's a kind of magic.

The Wand goes on sale from Firebox from 15 October for £49.99.