Oregon Scientific has announced the launch of a new "+ ECO" range that includes a device to help monitor the temperature inside your home, with the aim of getting a better grip on your central heating, potentially saving money - and you know it's coming - the planet.

All the models in the range are solar-powered, with 4 hours of sunlight said to be enough to give the + ECO ClimaControl power for 2 months.

The + ECO ClimaControl can monitor the temperature and humidity in up to four rooms of your home, with an internal and an external sensor included with the device.

It also offers a 12- or 24-hour weather forecast, humidity alert, a radio-controlled clock, and calendar with backlight. It's on sale for an RRP of £89.99.

The + ECO Solar Charging Radio Controlled Clock includes a calendar and single alarm, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures. It's offered for £49.99.

The + ECO Solar Weather Station provides a weather forecast for the local area 12 to 24 hours in advance. With a detachable solar charger, the clock is radio controlled and there's also an alarm and calendar. It costs £69.99.

All models are available now from www.oregonscientific.co.uk.