Pioneer's CDJ-1000 turntable has become the industry standard among DJs that play from CDs thanks to its tank-like construction, big vinyl-emulation wheel and exceptionally precise controls. Pioneer has just announced its successor - the CDJ-2000.

The biggest addition on the 2000 is that of a massive 6.1-inch WQVGA colour display that can show song information, album art, wave data, and other information about the song. A touchpad under the display called the "Needle Pad" lets you skip to specific parts of the song, too.

Also, there's the option to use the turntable as a midi controller for other devices - making its 35 buttons able to do whatever you like - triggering samples for example. There's a 24-bit sound card built in, so it can plug straight into your computer and used to control software like Traktor and Serato.

A feature called Pro DJ Link allows you to share content between players. You can buy up to four of these players and connect a hard drive, SD card or USB stick to just one - then share the music on that source through all four of the players.

Lastly, there's a music organisation system that the company's calling "rekordbox1". That keeps track of music files that are played through the device and logs their BPM, waveform data and any cue points, loops or hot cues that you set. When you then load the song in next time, everything will be waiting for you.

On top of the CDJ-2000, the company has also updated its CDJ-800 to the CDJ-900, adding many of the features above but lacking the whopping great big screen.

The CDJ-2000 will be out in November, and cost $2150 - that's about £1300 directly translated, but we'd expect a price nearer £1500 for the UK market. The CDJ-900 will arrive in December and cost $1600 - about £970, so probably more like £1100 when it arrives here.

The UK launch is planned for the evening of 17 September, so we'll bring you official UK prices when they're announced.

UPDATE: UK Prices have been confirmed as £1499 for the CDJ-2000 and £1099 for the CDJ-900. Hurrah for our surprisingly-accurate guesswork!