SanDisk has launched its latest professional grade CompactFlash card, the Extreme Pro.

The new cards are pitched at pro photographers, offering read and write speeds up to 90MB/s, with cards coming in from 16, 32 and 64GB capacities

SanDisk claims the performance is thanks to its "Power Core Controller's dual-lane architecture and software algorithms", giving you a 90MB/s over a UDMA-6 bus.

Mr. Sasagaki, general manager, marketing department, Nikon Corporation commented: "Professional-grade memory cards play an important role in producing optimal results from Nikon's high performance Digital SLR cameras … The SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash card’s 90MB/s read and write speeds will boost overall DSLR performance and help photographers get the most out of our cameras".

As well as the new Extreme Pro cards, SanDisk has introduced a new line of Extreme CF cards, with 8, 16 and 32GB capacities, which cost from £61-190 and have read write speeds up to 60MB/s.

The new SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash cards start at £197, up to a whopping £657 for the largest.

As a publicity stunt, SanDisk froze a selection of memory cards in a giant ice Canon camera, to prove that the cards work once released from the ice.