Archos today formally announced their leaked Archos 5, running the Android operating system.

Coming as the latest addition to their line-up of multimedia devices, it features a 4.8-inch, 800 x 480 pixel resolution, LCD touchscreen display as the name almost suggests.

In terms of connectivity you get the usual suspects of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0, as well as an FM receiver and transmitter.

It comes in two flavours of device, with a flash or hard drive based offering, with flash offering the slimmest profile (143.2 x 78.8 x 10.4mm, 182g) with the hard disk option coming in slightly fatter (143.2 x 78.8 x 20mm, 286g).

In terms of capacities, you get options ranging from 8-64GB for flash, or 160-500GB for hard disk.

The homescreen has undergone a major overhaul, giving you three sliding screens with direct access to all your shortcuts and applications, which can be customised to your liking.

Of course, you'll also get Adobe Flash video support, unlike many mobile phones, with Archos boasting that "the same experience you get on your PC is the same experience on your Archos device", and you get support for Flash games too.

Paired with the freedom of Android (with 15 pre-installed apps, such as Twidroid and eBuddy) you get all the Archos goodness that you've been used to, so you'll be able to connect to your home network to stream video, music and images, or record TV. You get Archos' Media Club and access to Web TV and Web Radio.

It has a microphone and speaker, so you'll be able to be able to use VoIP applications like Skype, with the option of pairing with a 3G phone to give you full portability.

With GPS, email support, and music purchases on the move through Mewbox, you'll also get a range of Archos accessories, including the normal docks and TV tuner.

An internal Li-Ion battery offers 22 hours of music playback, and 7 hours of video, of course depending on what set-up you opt for.

Starting at £199.99 for 8GB Flash device, the range will top-out at £349.99 for the 500GB device.