UK users have given e-book readers the thumbs up in a recent YouGov survey, but are dissatisfied with the current content available.

The new research, "The E-Reader Experience", reveals that clarity of screen, physical size and weight and build quality of e-book reading devices on the market are all rated highly by those currently using electronic book readers.

However, and revealing an interesting gap in the market, the range of e-books and subscription services, and the quality of those were rated lowly by those surveyed.

As far as brands go for those currently considering an e-book reader, potential purchasers are most aware of Sony (65%), Amazon (42%) and Apple (35%), despite the fact that only one of these companies, Sony, has such a device available in the UK and Apple's rumoured tablet is yet to be confirmed.

"The lack of products from Amazon and Apple may inhibit this market in the short term", says Caroline Gaskin, consulting director at YouGov.

"Prospective Apple purchasers are focused on style with prospective Amazon purchasers more interested in the range of e-books available".