In dark corners of the IFA trade show floor lie stalls from obscure Chinese companies that make the weirdest stuff. We've seen self-cleaning toilet seats, all the odd-shaped thumb drives you could imagine, and more circuitboards and cables than at a robotics convention.

This, however, was our favourite. On a stall from a Chinese company called Gleecon were more bug-zappers in one place than we've ever seen before. Most were industrial models - all grey plastic and steel, but poking out from behind them all was this charming little fella.

That's right - your bug zapping needs can now be met by a smiling frog. The only possible way this could be better, was if it had an elastic tongue that whipped out and zapped the bugs that way instead.

We've no idea if you can buy one of these creations in the UK, but we want one for the next time we're planning an outside kids' party in September. No more midges falling into little Jimmy's lemonade, or mosquito bites for poor Lucy. Excellent stuff.