A Korean company called Moolsarang was getting a lot of attention at IFA 2009, so we took a closer look at its stand to see what the fuss was about. Turns out that Moolsarang makes all manner of toilet seats.

Its flagship product is the MS-3100, which is pictured above. The spec sheet is in slightly broken english, so we can't tell exactly what it does - just guess at the functionality based on intriguing diagrams. It seems to have self-cleaning features, as well as bidet functionality and the ability to heat both the seat and the water jetting at your nether regions.

One feature labelled "Magnetization Water" puzzled us - the company's website solely says: "Fransform water structure to sixangle fomation to help your health". Any ideas what that could mean? There's also the option of "massage cleansing" and a "Kids' mode", if you don't want to startle your sprogs with unexpected spurts of water.

There's also a wireless version, and a very attractive model with walnut burr trim. Snazzy. Unfortunately they're not available in the UK yet, but here's hoping. If we hear anything more on that subject, then we'll let you know.