Satnav makers are doing everything to convince the public that it's still worth buying a PND, but Navigon look like they've hit on something that'll keep them ahead of smartphones for a while - well, we had to stop and have a look when we saw the Navigon 8410 at IFA 2009.

It's the 3D graphics on this 5-inch touchscreen device that cause the clunk when your jaw hits the floor. They provide a pop-up A to Z experience of the cities that you drive through and, so long as the company can gather enough of these maps, it adds a real bonus to finding your way around. No more, "is this really the right junction" scenarios.

The 8410 also functions as a media player and naturally the device works with live traffic reports to provide alternative routes to circumvent any problems in your path. Even if this kind of trick is only a stay of execution, it's certainly a very pretty one.