SanDisk has announced a followup to its critically acclaimed Sansa Clip MP3 player. It's called the Clip+, which is only slightly better than if they'd named it the "Clip 2". As with the previous model, it's compatible with SanDisk's slotMusic and slotRadio cards.

You can chuck any microSD card into it, for that matter, and it'll play the contents as long as they're in MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis or Audible format. It'll take DRMed files too, so if your music collection's from Napster or Rhapsody, then you should be fine.

It comes equipped with "superior sound", a 1-inch OLED display, FM radio, built-in microphone and 15-hour battery life. SanDisk says that it's also the first MP3 player to be given WIndows 7 certification, which the company says "simplifies the user experience".

The Clip+ will be available in black, blue and red and in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB sizes. Don't forget the microSD slot, too, for pumping up that storage further. It should be landing on these shores before Christmas, though we don't have any more specific date than that.

We wouldn't imagine that even the largest one will cost more than £60 or so, and the smallest should be available for more like £30. Those are just guesses, though - keep an eye on Pocket-lint for updated prices as they arrive.