Welcome to the Pocket-lint rock hard bank holiday quiz. Prepare to face 10 of the toughest tech teasers you'll ever meet. High scores are not expected and the only requirements are that you answer simply, honestly and without the use of internet. Good luck.

1) What is the biggest selling consumer electronics gadget of all time?

2) What was the first commercially available digital camera?

3) What did the first Apple logo look like?

4) How many horizontal lines of pixels would you expect to see in any one given frame on a 1080i TV?

5) Originally released to the public in 1989 I am a video games controller manufactured by Mattel in the US and PAX in Japan. Officially licensed by a console manufacturer, over 100,000 units of me were sold in the USA but only two games were ever released for me to work with - one of them being Bad Street Brawler. Sadly I was considered a commercial failure and voted seventh worst video game controller in history but at least had my 15 minutes of fame alongside Fred Savage in a film. What am I?

6) "It is the central component of most computer operating systems connecting the application software to the hardware of a computer." Of what is that the definition?

7) What have the Joint Photographic Experts Group got to do with computing?

8) 11 of the 54 members of the Open Handset Alliance are mobile phone manufacturers. Can you name eight of them?

9) Which tech giant's global headquarters are in Round Rock, Texas?

10) Can you name these four mobile phones

the rock hard bank holiday tech quiz image 4

Take a look at the answers in the image tab and tell us how you've scored in the comments. It's one point for each correct answer. No half marks or bonus points available. You either got it completely right or it's wrong. We said it was rock hard.

0 - Oh dear. Not even one? You should have really got at least one. There were couple of gifts in there at least. Oh well. Never mind.

1 to 2 - Don't be too hard on yourself. That's probably about normal. It's a perfectly respectable score on this quiz. Consider it a pass.

3 to 5 - Impressive. You know your tech. Big pat on the back to you. You have learned much through your readings, wise one.

6 to 8 - That's hardcore. We don't know how you know what you know, but you certainly know it, and just about all of it too. Just mind you don't go round confusing normal people.

9 to 10 - Cheat. You looked. There's no way you knew all those answer without consulting the information super-highway. Tell the truth now. How many did you really get?