Thinking of upgrading your MP3 player in time for the winter? Don't do it just yet. With a number of announcements expected in the next couple of weeks the world of the touchscreen MP3 players is heating up.

Here are five that you need to look out for and then opt to buy at the end of the month once the dust has settled:

Release date: Available now

The X-Series Walkman was announced back in May but that doesn't mean you should forget about it. It comes with a 3-inch 432 x 240 OLED touchscreen display and the promise of rich decent audio. There's also digital noise cancellation as long as you've got Sony's headphones plugged in and wireless connectivity so you can surf the web while in bed. It comes in 16GB and 32GB models giving you plenty of storage for music, pictures and video.

Release date: 15 September, US only

Due out in the US on 15 September the Zune HD is an AMOLED touchscreen MP3 player sporting the fast and niffy Tegra chip from Nvidia, which basically means you'll be able to watch videos and swish through the menu system with ease. Like the iPod touch proceedings are dominated by a 3.3-inch touchscreen. The Zune HD will sport Apps (yet to be detailed), come with an FM radio and have the ability to dock into an AV docking station so you can watch those movies in the device on your big 40-inch television.

Release date: Available from the end of August

The 3-inch PMP has been designed to take on the likes on all those listed here. Designed as an all-round entertainment device in your pocket according to the French company, it will give you music, video and photos, all controlled through a touch interface. It also packs in an FM radio and an FM transmitter, TV out and a Composite cable to hook-up to a TV on your travels. The Archos 3 Vision can be yours for £89.99, which will give you 8GB capacity player.

Release date: Expected announcement 9 September

Not yet official, the new iPod touch (3rd gen) MP3 player is expected to add a digital camera to the proceedings so you can snap away when you are out and about before uploading the images to flickr or facebook. With the iPhone now dominating the camera stats on flickr and augmented reality starting to rear its head in applications in the App store, this is a logical progression for the player from Apple. Don't expect much else however on the hardware front. The design and shape is working well for Apple at the moment, so it's unlikely to change it.

Release date: Expected end of September now

Currently available in South Korea the player sports the Nvidia Tegra chipset and Samsung's TouchWiz interface used on the company's mobile phones. According to the South Korean launch details from July, the MP3 player will sport a 3.3-inch AMOLED display, come in 8, 16 or 32GB models and promise video playback and a speedy interface thanks to the Tegra chipset. The move to include the TouchWiz interface means that like the Zune and iPod, users will be able to download additional Apps for the product. The company is expected to announce UK and European availability and pricing at its press conference on Thursday 3 September at IFA in Germany.