iRex and Barnes & Noble have announced that when iRex launches its consumer ebook reader in the States later this year, it will include access to the Barnes & Noble eBookstore.

This will give users of the device access to more than 750,000 titles, including new releases and bestsellers at $9.99.

This follows the news that Barnes and Noble is also partnering with ebook reader maker Plastic Logic to offer an consumer-aimed ebook reader and associated content.

"We will change the dynamics of the consumer market - users want to easily purchase content from a variety of sources and we allow them to read it on an iRex eReader as well as other devices", said Kevin Hamilton, North American CEO of iRex Technologies.

"Signing this deal with Barnes & Noble positions iRex well in terms of content, and we'll team with other industry leaders to provide the network infrastructure and retail presence".

The new device, that will go head to head with Amazon's Kindle along with the Plastic Logic offering, will offer an 8.1-inch touchscreen with stylus navigation and 3G wireless connectivity.