We're not entirely convinced of the legitimacy of this new USB gadget, or indeed the sanity of anyone wanting one, but a USB chainsaw has just gone up for pre-order.

For only $59.95 - plus shipping - the 385mm long spoof "iSaw" device could be yours, for all your indoor chainsawing needs.

The joke claim is that it will "cut through different types of wood as you would with a full-sized electric chainsaw".

There's more info and images on www.USBchainsaw.com - just don't come crying to us when it all ends in tears. And blood, lots of blood.

UPDATE: Turns out the USB chainsaw was a fake. It's a campaign trying to educate the public about how wasteful printers are. If you like, you can download a little program which plays a chainsaw sound whenever you print something, from http://www.papercut.com.sg