Energizer has launched a new range of portable batteries for gadgets of all shapes and sizes, as it continues its move away from traditional AA and AAA batteries.

The new range called Energizer Energi To Go has just had a US launch with the promise of making it over to the UK in time for Christmas.

The branded rechargeable power packs and emergency charger products will range in size and capability with the smallest offering starting at 600 mAh for phones to a 18,000 mAh charger that can power up to three devices at once, including a laptop.

Each battery will come with a series of power "tips" in the box that lets you connect and charge most devices, with the company going as far as to say that they've got virtually every device built in the last 10 years covered.

If you do manage to out smart them, Energizer says that it will build you one at no extra cost.

So keen is the company to appeal to gadget fans, they are even promising two free tips a year for the life of the Energi To Go product to ensure that as consumers purchase new devices they will have the right tips to charge them.

Prices vary by model and range from $19.99 to $199.99 for the top of the line (pictured) product.

Meanwhile for the eco conscious, the company has also announced two new solar chargers promising to harness the sun so you can power your phone.