Picture the scene. You're sitting watching Eastenders and you want to have a bath as soon as it finishes. You could scurry upstairs and set it running 5 minutes before the end, or, you could control it from your iPhone.

Yes, Bathomatic, from Unique Automation, comes to the iPhone.

The company supplies bath automation controls which can be retro-fitted to any bath (so a spokesperson told us). This will allow you to fill your bath at the desired temperature to a required depth.

The touchscreen controls reside on your bathroom wall, whilst the motorised plug is available in nine different finishes, from chrome to solid gold.

Networking your bath means you could control it via a PC interface or through the iPhone app.

In addition to the Bathomatic, you could opt for Bathovision which, as the name suggests, gives you a TV. The iPhone app for Bathovision can take care of changing channels and such like, if you are happy to take your iPhone into the bath that is.

But wait, there's more!

iShower is also available, allowing you to change the temperature and flow rate of your shower. A niche offering perhaps, as you'll most likely be in the shower when you want to make these changes…

Available from the App Store for free ... but you'll need Bathomatic or Bathovision installed first, on display at CEDIA this week at London ExCel.