Love the idea of metal-detecting, but not the hassle? Want to discover lost troves of roman coins, but can't be bothered with all that swishing nonsense? Take the pain out of metal-detecting with this pair of sandals.

A 9-volt battery strapped to your shin provides the power to a copper coil mounted within the right sandal. Using "beat frequency oscillation technology", the sandals will buzz, vibrate and flash if there's a metal object within 2 feet. You'll get six hours of use out of one 9V battery.

The sandals are made from polyurethane foam, and come in medium and large unisex sizes. Taking inspiration from Henry Ford, they only come in black.

They cost $60 and the sellers will ship to Britain, but expect to pay a premium on the postage. Still, think how much money that stash of antique Saxon swords you find will be worth. It's an investment... right?